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Berns Bedard is a Medicinal Cannabis Educator, Certified Detox Specialist and 12 year cancer survivor, passionate about helping others heal naturally, from the inside out.

Healing Happens From The Inside Out

Healing and transformation can be painstakingly slow. It can feel frustrating, scary and extremely isolating at times, even when you have amazing people around you, and especially when you don't. It’s never always an upward trajectory.

And it really does take addressing all aspects of ourselves, for true transformation to be fully realized. Or at best fully appreciated. 

Diet is definitely important, but it’s not everything.

Supporting with herbs (and y’all all know what my fave one is!) is important, but it’s not everything. 

Emotional & energy healing is important, but it’s not everything. 

And of course, a solid spiritual practice is important, but it’s not everything. 

Endless Possibilities!

My 12 year journey with Stage 4 Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) Cancer has taught me that if you do all of these things together, in a balanced and gentle way, then the healing process transmutes and alchemizes you from the inside out.

If you can allow the healing process of your body, mind AND soul to do it’s thing, in a way that is not all wrapped up in a sense of urgency and “I need to be healed right NOW!!”, then OMG!!! Amazing things can happen.

You may just surprise yourself with how deep your healing goes on so many levels, and ultimately how incredible life ends up turning out for you.

What people are saying about Medicinal Cananbis 101

Berns has put together a professional program, that’s easy to navigate, full of content and information that will blow your mind to the world of cannabis!

The zoom is a relaxed atmosphere sharing amounts our piers in the community. It’s a great and easy way to learn the healing medicine of cannabis. 

After almost dying in 2021–2022 of stage 4, high-grade soft tissue Sacoma, I don’t have cancer and I’ll be damn if I’ll ever go back to conventional therapy. I had enough. I was so serious that I got my port removed.

I decided after some hesitation to take my life into my own hands and make an informed decision to use this for cancer prevention and other diseases. Also, for relaxation, energy and clarity of mind.

This is my body and I can do this!

— Judy Nichols

I have taken Berns' Medicinal Cannabis 101 Course and had no knowledge at all about cannabis. I'm still learning but the fear is gone and I can speak from experience that there are no side effects and the healing truly is real. 

How wonderful is it to know you're doing this yourself and not just putting your life in the hands of someone else?

— Karen Kriadis-Townsend

I’m a member of the Medicinal Cannabis 101 class that’s going on now. I highly recommend the class to anyone interested in a natural way of healing. Berns is knowledgeable and a great teacher. She’s been super supportive and there every step of the way. 

The group is a great source of support too. I’m so grateful to all of them. If you are thinking about it don’t hesitate. You will learn a lot and spend time with like minded people!

— Sharon Porrello